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Welcome to my site. I am a huge fan of the wicked ladies found within video games (and anime as well). I've looked, and could not find a resource even close to this on the net, so I decided to create one myself. While the evil ones are the primary focus, I've decided to include all female adversaries for the sake of completion. Thanks for visiting!

Recent Updates

08/19/14 - I'd like to thank everyone who has continued to come here to the VG Villainess encyclopedia over the years, despite the dearth of new additions. As I mentioned in the last update, I've moved on to more wiki-based pastures. One in particular that I would like everyone to know about is the Evil Babes Wiki. That is where I am contributing now, and I invide every other fan of villainesses, be them video game or otherwise, to visit and help contribute. As one person, I was only able to make this site grow so far, but with the participation of a community, the internet will finally see a de facto source for all Villainess information!

03/27/10 - Well, it's been a full year now since this site has had a real update, so I thought I would let everyone know what's up. The lack of attention is partly due to priorities in my life that have come up, but there is another reason. I've come to the point where myself being the sole contributer to the page (aside from the occasional email recommendation, of which I am very appreciative of) has become a bit discouraging, especially in this age of wiki-esque websites.

In specific regard to video games, some of you may be familiar with the website Giant Bomb, which has been a particularly great venue for this. I would like a similar setup for the Villainess Encyclopedia, where visitors can contribute pictures and summaries themselves, complete with cross-referencing and all that good stuff. However, I am still on the newb end of web development, and if I were to give my site such a makeover, I would need some help. Until then, I plan to continue to focus the majority of my efforts on Giant Bomb (I am the user Villainess there).

So, in conclusion, this site is not dead, but just resting, and I'd like to thank again everyone who has supported this lamentably-niche interest over the years. 01/03/07 - Added characters from the following games: Legend of Dynamic: Goushouden.

12/12/06 - Added characters from the following games: Akumajo Dracula: Gallery of Labyrinth (Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin). If I'm not mistaken, this is officially the largest number of female enemies in a Castlevania title to date!

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Details About the Site I recommend skimming through this first before heading to the characters section.

The Main Area Here I have sorted all of the female adversaries by game, complete with character entries. (悪の女, 敵女, 悪女, ザコ女)
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Contributions/Corrections - Whether it's submitting sprites/artwork, or simply information on a game that contains a noteable villainess, I fully welcome any contributions to the site. Going easy on any spolier-ish details, would be appreciated, but not incredibly important. Also, I'm sure there's bound to be some errors scattered around, so if you see anything amiss, feel free to let me know as well.

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