Carla (カーラ)
ブレス オブファイア - カーラ Boss
Super Famicom/Super NES, GameBoy Advance

One of Jade's 4 minions. She has the power to control time. After battling with the hero party in the tower of Tock, she threatens to advance time over the town of Carmen until all of it's inhabitants die of old age. But after showing her a fruit given from her childhood friend, Alan, she hands over the Time Key and delays her former ally, Goda, to allow the party to escape. Shortly after, she and Alan are reuinited as children once more.

3M1FHQ - Cort, Mote, Carla, and Goda. ブレス オブファイア - カーラCarla - Breath of Fire


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This villainess and the game "ブレス オブファイア" are copyrights of Capcom.