Witch/Carmilla (魔女)/(カーミラ)
Unused Enemy

Since this is one of my very favorite games, I've decided to mention a few 'scrapped' enemies. In volume 3 of Konami Magazine (July 1997), this enemy was introduced and described as being strong and extremely dangerous. After preparing an attack via a high incantation, she would call out, "Shi wo Yobu!" a spell which could cause instant-death to the playable character.

The publication labeled this character "Witch", however, longtime Castlevania fans will recognize her as Carmilla, in a polygonal rendition of the form she took in "Rondo of Blood." It could have been that Carmilla was originally set to be a boss for Carrie's quest and may have even been the main antagonist, before the team ejected her to go with Actrise. On the other hand, if "Witch" was indeed this enemy's true name, it's possible that she may have been just a regular foe as well. In any case, KCEK did not give up on Carmilla entirely, as she finally made her return in "Circle of the Moon."

悪魔城ドラキュラ黙示録 - 魔女/カーミラ Carmilla - Castlevania 64


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