Evil Rao (ツヅラオ)
ツヅラオ - 大神 Boss

Nintendo Wii, PS2

Priestess whose body was taken over by the evil Ninetails. Sensing that Amaterasu and Issun will pose a threat to her plans, she lures them to a wrecked ship in hopes that they will both find the Fox Rods and subsequently be killed by the Water Dragon. Her scheme fails, but takes a turn for the better soon after when the heroic duo

locates the Fox Rods from within the dragon. At this point she seizes them and departs to Sei-an where she then kills Queen Himiko. At this point she reveals her true self to Amaterasu and attemps to kill her as well. Failing to do so, Ninetails leaves Rao's body and departs to Oni Island.

Evil Rao - Okami


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