Excella Gionne (エクセラ・ギオネ)
バイオハザード5 - エクセラ・ギオネ Boss

(Resident Evil 5)
Xbox 360, PS3

Excella is the leader of the African division of Tricell; a pharmaceutical organization that was founded by her ancestors. Her intelligence and character caught the attention of Albert Wesker, and the two became partners shortley afterward. She works with Wesker in his plan to unleash the Uroboros virus across the entire planet. However, as Chris and Sheva edge closer and closer to thwarting this plan, Wesker betrays Excella and injects her with the Uroboros virus, where she and a mountain of corpses mutate and form the Uroboros Aheri.

バイオハザード5 - エクセラ・ギオネ


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