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Only characters who meet the following criteria are listed on the site.

1. Characters must be female (with exception if she happens to be fused onto a male character).

2. Must be human or humanoid (can also include androids):
Examples of what doesn't qualify: "Final Fantasy 4's" Mother Bomb or "Breath of Fire III's" Nue. They are more or less pure beast/monster.

3. The character must either be confronted in battle, or be/aid one of the game's main villains. Petty antagonists who simply enjoy irritating the heroes (Etoile from "Rhapsody" is a good example).


Bosses and story-incorporated enemies, I've classified into categories by putting color-coded stars in their "TYPE". Regular enemies normally aren't part of the story, so I don't categorize the motives for them (though I would imagine the majority would fall under the red star category).

Hollow Star - An empty star is used almost exclusively for villainesses found in games that were never translated to english. Myself not fluent in Japanese, I often do not get enough info on said antagonists to determine their motives.

Blue Star - This adversary usually isn't an enemy at all. She is on the same side as the protagonists, but fights them in order to train them, or another beneficial purpose.

Green Star - This adversary is usually a noble person, but mistakes the protagonists for being the bad guys. Most of the time, this person is serving the real villains unknowingly.

Yellow Star - This adversary is often a good person who has been placed under a spell that allows a higher villain to manipulate them. Unlike the green star ones who are just being deceived, the yellow star ones are usually flat out controlled.

Orange Star - These stars apply to two types of antagonists. A) Ones who start out bad but then change their ways. Or B) Start out good, are wronged in some in some way, and then become bad. The latter scenario can sometimes make things tricky, as depending on how justified the motives of said character are, she may qualify as a green star instead.

Red Star - These are the enemies that truly earn the title of 'villainess'. Their motives are usually driven by greed, lust, or the desire to hurt others.


These are probably obvious, but just in case:

Famicom = Japanese NES
Super Famicom = Japanese Super NES
Mega CD = Japanese Sega CD
WSC = WonderSwan Color

(aka. the "Three males and one female" henchmen quartet)

There is an ever popular cliche among many rpgs where one of the main villains has 4 special minions. Not only that, but much of the time it is composed of 3 males and 1 female (and, more often than not, the female one is usually the third one the party has to fight). I've used 3M1FHQ to categorize such villainesses.


I'm sure there's a few games where I've neglected adding a female character whom I thought may be male, or accidentaly did the inverse. Any corrections would be both welcome and appreciated.

Also, without being too spoiler heavy, I'd love to hear recommendations for characters to place in the site. I'm particularly interested in Red Star level villainesses (the really evil ones) but orange and yellow ones would be welcome too.


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