Jeane (ジーン)
ノーモア★ヒーローズ - ジーン Final Boss*
Nintendo Wii

Instruction manual bio: "Once the object of Travis' love. They haven't met since the day they parted ways."

Jeane - No More Heroes

Jeane kills the 1st ranked UAA assassin, Dark Star, just as he was about to battle Travis Touchdown at Kill Star Castle. She then explains that she is actually Travis' half-sister, and reveals that she was molested by their father and sold her body in order to pay for her training as an assassin. She used these skills to kill her father and Travis' mother, all in front of his eyes.

After a hard fought battle, Jeane gets the upper hand on Travis, but before she can finish him, Shinobu shows up and cuts off her arm. Travis then uses the opportunity to cleave her into pieces.

*Actually, she's just the final boss for the fake ending.


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