Jessica McCarney (ジェシカ・マッカーニー)
ジェシカ・マッカーニー - デッドライジング

ジェシカ・マッカーニー - デッドライジング


(Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop)
Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii

Jessica McCarney - Dead Rising
Jessie McCarney is a member of Homeland Security who, along with her partner Brad, are sent to the Willamette mall to locate Russell Barnaby. With Frank's help, they are successful in doing so. However, they are unaware that he has been infected, and during a struggle, he manages to infect Jessica as well. As a zombie, her stamina is no greater than a regular zombie in the 360 version. In "Chop Till you Drop," however, she is able to withstand a greater number of attacks.


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