Jo Slade (ジョー・スレイド)
ジョー・スレイド - デッドライジング Boss

(Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop) Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii

Jo Slade is a security guard who has taken advantage of the mall's zombie crisis to abduct four female survivors (Kay Nelson, Lilly Deacon, Kelly Carpenter, Janet Star) and restrain them inside of Wonderland Plaza's Lovely Fashion House, where it is implied that she also sexually violates them with her nightstick. During the boss battle with Frank, she will continue to tazer and kick the young women if she gets close to them. Despite being the only genuine female psychopath in the game, she's actually one of the small few that qualifies for a red star (perhaps moreso than the others).

Despite being promoted in several advertisements for the game, human Jo Slade is, oddly, nowhere to be found in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop's story mode. Instead, there are zombified Jos have been added as regular enemies in two varieties: 1.) blue shirt, no shades, wielding dual tazers, and 2.) tan shirt, shades, with tazer and pistol. In the bonus mode "Odd Jobs" however, there is a mission called "Zombie Meter Maid" (below) which is similar to the boss fight from the 360 version where several zombie Jos spawn and begin torturing three female victims (though this time they are Leah Stein, Heather and Pamela Tompkins).

Jo Slade - Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop


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