Keipa (ケイパ)
ガイ キル ザ ターゲット - ケイパ

Woman who works for the protagonist, who assumes the role as the boss of a criminal orginization that revives dinosaurs from fossilized DNA and turns them into murderous cyborgs labeled BECTs (Bio Ecologic Things). Keipa is very anxious for the boss to create strong BECTs.

Later in the game, she and Organo have a conflict (stemming from, what appears to be, her secretly aiding the enemy, GUY). She is then shot to death by Organo.

Antiheroine (Story only)

Keipa - Guy: Kill the Target

ガイ キル ザ ターゲット - ケイパ


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This anti-heroine and the game "ガイ キル ザ ターゲット" are copyrights of DOA.