Lisa Trevor (リサ・トレヴァー)
リサ・トレヴァー - バイオハザード アンブレラ・クロニクルズ Boss

(Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles)
Nintendo Wii

From the in-game profile: "She was imprisoned for nearly 30 years in the mansion and subjected to continual experiments that transfigured her into a monster. Numerous viral experiments made her immune to death itself and soon led Birkin to the discovery of the G-virus. Lisa has the disturbing trait of peeling faces from her victims and placing them over her own. There were repeated attempts to dispose of her, but they all failed. She was eventually bound and left to wander the halls of the mansion."

As Albert Wesker escapes from the Spencer mansion as it's detonation counts down, he finds himself delayed by Lisa. She makes her final stand in the main hall, where she battles Wesker and then has a chandelier drop onto her head.


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