Manara (マナラ)
Story only
PC-98, Windows95/98

Assistant to Dr. Bluff. Manara captures both the heroine, Assault Betty, and her companion, Fan Poan, and takes them back to the mad scientist's lair.

Dr. Bluff takes off with Fan Poan, leaving Assault all to Manara's self. The assistant rapes the heroine extensively, but eventually let's her guard down, at which point one of two paths begin, depending on the choice of the player.
Path 1: Assault gets even by raping Manara and steals her ID card. The heroine searches the lab for her friend, but discovers that the ID card will not open every door. Returning to the original floor, Assault is ambushed by Manara (who she had carelessly left alone and unrestrained). Manara forces Assault into a room containing a large tenticle monster, resulting in a very unpleasant situation for the heroine and a GAME OVER for the player.
Path 2: Assault knocks Manara out and begins searching for Fan. She succeeds, but their reuinion is short lived, as the now-concious Manara enters and pulls a gun on them. The duo are then saved by a male friend from the Seaside Station, who manages to shoot the villainess first.


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This villainess and the game "Let's!パイレーツ〜とらぶる・ばかんす〜" are copyrights of ZYX.