Queen Badh
Story Only
Amiga, Macintosh

In a point that I touched upon in the "Game Over" section, the villainess of this version of Deliverance does not personally appear at all in the game, and is mentioned only in the game manual, which states: "...Word soon spread through the remaining Fairies that the Evil Queen Bahd had returned to ravish the land, this time in league with the Devil himself! Together with his many evil minions they were again snatching and imprisoning The Realms' Fairy guardians in order to leave it bare of defence, and their ultimate mercy.....The Darkness was lifted from the land and the Crone Queen set about draining the precious life- force from it, transforming it into wasteland..."

Be that as it may, decorated with several large statues of a nude woman is the game's first stage, Satan's Palace. It is only speculation, but it seems likely that they are of Badh. Amiga statue on the left, Macintosh statue on the right.

Queen Badh - Deliverance Queen Badh - Deliverance


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