Queen Gremla
Queen Gremla - Game Over II Back-Story Only
Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, PC Booter,
Commodore 64, MSX, ZX Spectrum

A little history:

Game Over II's place as a game is very confusing, as there are actually 2 different variations of the title, each accompanied by a different scenario.

The first one ignores the story of the original game and shares a different title altogether, "Phantis." In it, the player takes control of a female protagonist, Commander Serena (bottom right), on a search to rescue a captured expedition member.

In Game Over II it is a male protagonist, Major LOCKE, searching for ARKOS, the protagonist of the prequel title, who was captured by GREMLA's successors.

The oddity? In the latter version, GREMLA appears on both the cover (top left) and title screen (bottom left), but is nowhere to be found past that, just like in the first game. In fact, the plot synopsis for GOII would suggest that GREMLA was killed before the events of this game even take place!

Queen Gremla - Game Over II
Serena - Game Over II
Phantis-protagonist, Serena.


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