Queen Gremla
Queen Gremla - Game Over Story Only
Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, MSX,
PC Booter, ZX Spectrum

From the manual: "Far away in a different Galaxy, at a different time, control was exercised by an all-powerful woman - the Ruler, GREMLA... But Gremla was flawed - as her power grew, so did her greed and cruelty - at last ARKOS turned - resolved to stop this meglomaniac, to use all his skill and cunning to destroy her empire, subdue her dinasty ... GAME OVER."

Queen Gremla - Game Over
Author's note: As was the style at the time in the 1980's, this title is very sparse when it comes to in-game story details. Neither narrative nor dialogue takes place throughout. Upon defeating the game's final boss, "Giant Guardian" a black screen flashes "GAME OVER" befor swiftly returning to the title screen. In short, if not for the title screen one wouldn't even know that this character was in this game.


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This villainess and the game "Game Over" are copyrights of Dinamic Software.