The Ladies of Darkness


These character entries do contain spoiler info, presented by both pictures and text, so I advise you to view them only if you've either played (completed, preferrebly) the game, or spoilers don't phase you (or they actually enhance your desire to play the game).


* - This enemy only appears in certain ports of this game.
(!) - This enemy is a male foe with a female attached to it (usually occurs with major bosses).
~ - This enemy is male in one region (usually Japan) but female in another.
<> - This represents a character (or game) that was scrapped from the project.
- Highlight the proceeding text for spoilers in the character's description.

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Game Over Game Over

Game Over II Game Over II

幻想水滸伝 Genso Suikoden (幻想水滸伝)

幻想水滸伝II Genso Suikoden II (幻想水滸伝II)

幻想水滸伝III Genso Suikoden III (幻想水滸伝III)

幻想水滸伝V Genso Suikoden V (幻想水滸伝V)

銀河遊侠伝説トバッカー Ginga Yukyou Densetsu RC Tobacker (銀河遊侠伝説トバッカー)

Gladiator Gladiator

ゴイス Goice (ゴイス)

ゴルコス Golques (ゴルコス)

グランディア Grandia (グランディア)

グランディアII Grandia II (グランディアII)

グランディアIII Grandia III (グランディアIII)

ガンブレイズ Gunblaze (ガンブレイズ)

ガンサバイバー4 バイオハザードヒーローズ・ ネバー・ダイ Gun Survivor 4: Biohazard - Heroes Never Die (ガンサバイバー4 バイオハザードヒーローズ・ ネバー・ダイ)

ガイ キル ザ ターゲット GUY - Kill the Target (ガイ キル ザ ターゲット)

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